Leadership Team Coaching

A personalized leadership development program that organizations can leverage to develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience within their leaders.


Redefine Success From The Inside Out

Leadership Team Coaching supports the growth and development of leaders, teams and organizations. Our Leadership Team Coaching helps leaders to develop aptitudes, virtues, ways of being and states of mind that allow them to become influential, strategic, and transformational in how they live and how they lead others.


Why Should I Join?

If you are a member of a team that needs to develop its ability to adapt, transform and make impact in your organization, the Leadership Team Coaching can support efforts to make that team development possible.  In this program, leaders learn how turn down negative and fearful judgments and turn up the courage and willingness to choose their own direction, with purpose and conviction.


Leadership is not just some empty formulas but establishing deep connection at soul levels through service, integrity, passion, perseverance and equanimity.
— Amit Ray

How does it work?


Leadership Team Coaching is built into up to 5 modules that can be customized to meet the needs of your particular team, organization and/or challenges.  Each module consists of 3-4 group coaching calls. The container of a group is a critical component of this work; the power of bearing witness and being witnessed as a developmental tool allows the leader to experience not only their own potential to change, but experience the depth that comes from developing and growing within a team setting.   

We offer the following modules for Leadership Team Coaching.  These can be delivered in any arrangement that fits the clients needs, and be adjusted to address specific challenges that clients and teams face. 


Mindful Leadership Mission

The Mindful Leadership Mission is an online program that supports leaders in their efforts to develop both a theoretical and experiential understanding of the benefits and impacts of Mindfulness practice on their lives and on their leadership.  It is grounded in robust research and supports the creation of a daily Mindfulness practice for participants. Support for developing a daily practice and building a strong community of practice are the two key components of this foundational module.



A well studied and researched personality assessment tool that provides leaders insights into their own ways of being. In being able to see the self clearly and see patterns of behavior in the self in both times of challenge and stress, leaders are able to become more mindful of thoughts, sensations and behaviors that impact the way they live and lead others.  Participants dive deeper into their own identity and as a group, share insights that come from inward reflection and mindfulness. The system of self is the first system that must be transformed to be able to impact change in others and in organizations.  

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Map of Consciousness

David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness is a powerful framework to support personal growth.  It allows us to identify where we are in any given moment or context and make conscious choices about who we choose to be and how we choose to act.  We explore characteristics of energy fields and the impacts these have on our leadership. The various levels of human consciousness are nuanced and profound, yet can be leveraged to give one greater self awareness in the moment and harness the power of intentionality to move towards greater levels of power in your leadership.  


Immunity to Change

Navigating change can be a tricky endeavor. Through Robert Kegan’s Immunity to change process, participants go into goal setting, and then a deeper analysis of the self and competing commitments that often keep us from achieving the change. Through the process participants are able to identify emotions and thoughts that prevent us from creating meaningful and lasting transformation in both our personal and professional lives. The insights help leaders overcome their own obstacles, but also identify why change is so difficult for those they are leading as well.  


Collaborative Inquiry

Collaborative Inquiry is a transformational learning protocol that fundamentally changes the ways in which we see and understand the world; allowing us to see problems of practice in fundamentally new ways, creating an opportunity to impact change in seemingly impossible circumstances. Collaborative Inquiry is a research based adult learning protocol that facilitates these fundamental shifts in perspective and understanding. Through repeated cycles of reflection, action and meaning making, participants create new meanings that influence how they understand problems, challenges, and opportunities to impact change.


Impact of Our Work


Your Coaches & Facilitators

Dr. Home H.C. Nguyen, Ed.D   Founder & CEO

Dr. Home H.C. Nguyen, Ed.D

Founder & CEO

Peter Harriss, MBA   Wellness Coach & Facilitator

Peter Harriss, MBA

Wellness Coach & Facilitator

Sarah Suatoni, MA, LPC   Executive Coach & Facilitator

Sarah Suatoni, MA, LPC

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Emina Bajra, MBA   Leadership & Business Coach

Emina Bajra, MBA

Leadership & Business Coach

Mai Vu   Executive & Relationship Coach

Mai Vu

Executive & Relationship Coach

David Bishop, MBA   Executive Leadership Coach

David Bishop, MBA

Executive Leadership Coach

Colleen Lowry, MA   Director of School Leadership

Colleen Lowry, MA

Director of School Leadership

Leroy Lim, MDiv, MBA   Supervision & Leadership Coach

Leroy Lim, MDiv, MBA

Supervision & Leadership Coach


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