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Our Faculty and Leadership Team


Dr. Home H.C. Nguyen, Ed.D

CEO, Executive Coaching & Mindful Leadership Facilitation


Dr. Home H.C. Nguyen is a professor of leadership, and an advisor and coach to leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators. He has coached mid-level and C-suite executives of Fortune 200 companies and numerous start-ups. He teaches and facilitates courses on Self-Awareness Training, Interpersonal Group Dynamics, and Adult Learning and Leadership Development at Columbia University and Yale School of Management. 

As a trusted adviser, Dr. Home helps his clients to overcome fears and distractions, and to get clear on why they do what they do, and to develop mindfulness and practical wisdom to exert greater influence. A certified executive coach, Home received his Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University. To read more...


Rev. Leng Leroy Lim, MDiv, MBA

Leadership Development & Organizational Design

Rev. Leng Lim has 20 years' experience in leadership development, executive coaching, and workshop facilitation. He has coached senior executives in the US, Europe, and Asia at leading companies such as Prudential Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, CIMB, the National University of Singapore, and in INSEAD's Executive Education programs.  

Leng received his Master's in Divinity and MBA from Harvard, and has studied both in the ministry and in Eastern mindfulness meditation. Leng's unique perspectives bridge the outer world of business achievement with the inner world of mindfulness and wisdom.


Vibha Chokhani, MBA

Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Programs

Vibha Chokhani is a social intrapreneur with 10 plus years' experience growing purpose-driven businesses in areas of strategic partnerships, client success, communication, business development, program management, and business operations. She has helped tech startups and small businesses grow their positive impact in the world by scaling their partnerships & program operations.

Vibha received her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Operations from The College of William & Mary. She is certified to lead the Organization Workshop developed by Power+ Systems Inc. and holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Vibha trained as a Yoga instructor when she still lived in India and has been meditating in the Vipassana tradition since she was 8 years’ old.

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Colleen Lowry, MA

Mindful Leadership in Education

Colleen Lowry is an educator dedicated to raising consciousness and cultivating mindfulness for those who are serving and leading in the education sector. She has 10 plus years’ experience in urban public education, including leading school redesign, developing strong and cohesive instructional leadership teams, and cultivating healthy school culture amidst school turnaround efforts. Her service in public schools highlighted the need for mindful leadership in education to ensure a top down transformation that prioritizes well-being, emotional intelligence and personal resilience for both teachers and students.

Colleen studied Organizational Leadership at Columbia University where she earned her Master of Arts in School Building Leadership.


Sarah Suatoni, MA, LPC

Executive Coaching & Psycho-Somatic
Leadership Development

Sarah Suatoni has 20 plus years’ experience as a therapist, group leader, and artist. Her coaching work integrates emotional intelligence, mindfulness, physical awareness, and communication skills to provide tools that are practical and transformational. Sarah’s work is rooted in the knowledge that all people possess the ability to thrive.

Sarah received her BFA in Dance from The Juilliard School, her MA is Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, a Bodywork certification from The Hellerwork Institute. She is pursuing an Executive Coaching Certification from Columbia University. Sarah works in New York City and CT where she lives with her husband and two children on a mini-permaculture farm.

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Mai Vu

Executive Coach & Relationship Expert

Mai Vu has over 20 years' experience in leadership development, executive coaching, and workshop facilitation. Mai has coached senior executives in North America, Europe, and Asia at leading companies such as Wells Fargo, BP-Amoco, Bank of Montreal, Delano Regional Medical Center, Cargill, IBM, and in Stanford University's Executive Leadership program.

Mai has a Master’s degree in Organizational Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mai is certified through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), where she also served as a senior trainer for coaches for 13 years. She has trained over a thousand coaches worldwide. Mai is also an adjunct facilitator and coach for Stanford Business School.

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Khuyen Bui Gia

Wizard Apprentice

Khuyen Bui Gia began his interest in organizational learning & leadership development at eighteen where he volunteered at South East Asia Service Leadership Network (SEALNet) and is now serving in the Board of Director. As a Millennial who for the last quarter of century has lived in Hanoi, Singapore, Boston and fostered friendships across the globe and around the web, he became deeply interested in the joy and pain of inter-cultural collaboration in the networked age. 

Graduated cum laude from Tufts University studying Computer Science and Philosophy, he thrives in bringing analytical rigor into the his inquiries of human messiness. Khuyen enjoys writing & storytelling and has won several awards, notably Peter Drucker Challenge and The Moth Boston. He's also teaching Contact Improvisation dance in Ho Chi Minh City. His eyes lit up upon beautiful questions.

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David Yuan

Content Strategy and Communications

David Yuan is a Shorty award-winning content and creative strategist. With over 9 years of experience, he has led major brand redesigns, content strategy and organizational expansions for Fortune 100 companies, Ad Age Agency A-List Organizations, Fast Company Most Innovative Companies, non-profits, entrepreneurs, start-ups and artists. In addition to his business interests, David is an active artist, social entrepreneur and community developer. 

Combining platforms between business and creativity, David is focused on bridging authenticity, courage and compassion to an ever-evolving culture of organizations and leaders. Through his personal practice of daring servant leadership and the Vipassana meditation tradition, his devotion comes through asking: How may I serve?


Emina Bajra is dedicated to cultivating compassionate leadership. She has worked in Japan, China, India and Nepal at the World Bank and with mission-driven organizations, building teams that span cultural boundaries but share a common interest of doing good in the world.

Emina Bajra, MBA

Leadership and Business Coaching

Emina has an MBA from the Yale School of Management with an emphasis on social enterprise. Prior to business school, she led a human capital team at a b-corp certified global technology firm. She is currently in psychotherapy training and obtaining her CTI coaching certification. She also serves on the board for Code for Nepal, a non-profit dedicated to social equity through digital awareness, and Mitra Path, a foundation teaching mindfulness to entrepreneurs.


Peter Harriss, MBA

Leadership Coaching & Mindfulness Education

Peter Harriss is a Health Coach and Financial Planning Consultant who works with clients interested in connecting the world of heart and money.

Peter received his MBA in Finance & Leadership with Honors from Columbia Business School and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Honors from Boston University, where he also studied psychology and philosophy. He is a CTI trained coach and also holds an Integrative Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and works as a Comprehensive Life Planner at SunRaven, The Home of Slow Medicine.


Our Advisors

We are fortunate to have advisors that share their expertise with us and help us stay true to our values, effective at what we do, and aligned with mission.


Dr. Nayla Bahri specializes in culture and employee engagement strategy, leadership development, succession planning, management curriculum, leadership coaching and workplace learning.

Dr. Nayla Bahri, Ed.D.

Global Talent & Organizational Development

She serves as an adjunct professor at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia Business School and with the Institute for Personal Leadership. Previously, she served as the Dean of Students at Columbia Business School for ten years where she coached, taught, and advised thousands of students and co-founded the Leadership Lab.

Nayla graduated from Smith College and the University of Pennsylvania, and has a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Columbia University. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


Simon Egan has 14 years’ experience as a senior executive and CEO of a number of companies in the food, pharmaceutical, and commercial property sectors in New Zealand, USA, and Brazil. Simon combines his global entrepreneurial business interests and experiences with his long-term study and practice of Tibetan and Zen Buddhism in order to grow his own and others’ capacities for leadership, balance and compassion.

Simon Egan

Entrepreneurship & Business Leadership

Simon’s multiplicity of perspectives is born of his life-long interest in learning and experimentation, meditation, philosophy, and hands-on business applications for the growth of people and enterprise stakeholders.


Dr. Schon Beechler served on the faculty for Columbia Business School for 17 years, 14 of which she spent as the Faculty Director for the Columbia Senior Executive Program. She is currently a Senior Affiliate Professor at INSEAD, living in France. She is Academic Director of INSEAD’s top-ranked MBA program and also directs and teaches in INSEAD executive programs for senior leaders worldwide. 

Dr. Schon Beechler, Ph.D.

Leadership & Executive Program Development

Schon received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Sociology and Business Administration and has a Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College. She also holds certifications in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), MBTI, and the Hogan Leadership Assessment Suite.


Our Partners

We partner with values-aligned organizations that complement our expertise and help us to bring our work to a wider audience.

Dream See Do is an online group learning and coaching platform that helps people learn, receive feedback, and practice together.

Dream See Do is an online group learning and coaching platform that helps people learn, receive feedback, and practice together.

Coming Into Your Own is a women's leadership program offered globally and centered around a dynamic personal retreat providing opportunity for reflection, renewal and refocusing one’s life.

Coming Into Your Own is a women's leadership program offered globally and centered around a dynamic personal retreat providing opportunity for reflection, renewal and refocusing one’s life.

Prime Produce is 21 Century guild of craftsman and artists in a collaborative work space in NYC dedicated to “slow entrepreneurship.”

Prime Produce is 21 Century guild of craftsman and artists in a collaborative work space in NYC dedicated to “slow entrepreneurship.”