Succeed from the Inside Out

We host workshops and courses on topics related to mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and career development for executives and their teams, MBA students, and groups of entrepreneurial leaders.

Our courses are taught year-round at Columbia Business School, and offered selectively for executive retreats and on-site engagements internationally. Each program or workshop is customized based on the audience and goals of our clients.

Through our workshops, our participants gain new insights and experience lasting changes in their business and personal lives. Put simply, we help people to:


Create the time and space to slow down. Mindfully consider your challenges and opportunities. Learn to manage worries about the past and future, and become more present.



Gain clarity on your path forward and make wise choices based on a deeper life philosophy. Learn to better manage your emotional state. Reconnect with your authentic power. 


Improve your relationships with the people you work with. Resolve difficult interpersonal conflicts. Have greater compassion for yourself and others.


Our workshops and materials have been featured in innovative development programs across the globe:

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Interested in a workshop for your team or community on the topics above? 
Inquire to learn how we can help design and deliver the perfect program for your group.