Our Approach

Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out

At MindKind, we walk alongside with you in the trenches as your trusted advisor and guide to accompany you through this special crisis.

We integrate cutting-edge western psychological and neuroscience research with eastern ancient philosophy as well as mind-body contemplative traditions. Unlike other conventional leadership training, we don’t only work on the tactical and strategic. We also focus on the depth level of embodiment, emotions and psychology. We attend to the social and spiritual dimension as well. It is a balanced approach.

The world will not stop getting more complex. To effectively deal with and even thrive in it, the latest strategy and self-improvement techniques, while they have their place, will not be enough.

We need to develop the capacity to work at a more nuanced and advanced understanding of the human consciousness and spirit.

In other words, sometimes we will nudge you to go beyond level of doing (“How can I do this better?”) to level of being (“What is it like to be better?”).

It requires nothing less than a change of heart and a shift in paradigm.


Top Down

Leaders lead and serve by examples by becoming the changes they want to see.


Bottom Up

Empowered influencers emerge spontaneously everywhere in the organization.


inside out

Transformation comes from within each person and ripples outward to the entire organization and beyond.