Are you ready to embrace your true power?

We help high-achieving leaders to take their careers to the next level, to transform interpersonal conflicts, and to lead their organizations with greater wisdom and power. Our clients come to us with challenges and questions such as...

"I want more out of my career and my life, but I feel unsure where to focus or how to move forward." 

"Instead of running my company from a place of fear, I want to lead it with wisdom and love."

"I feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and the anxious thoughts that keep me on edge. I want to be more centered and grounded in my life." 


Our clients are those who strive to become truly outstanding leaders, reaching the pinnacle of influence through powerful action, guided by self-awareness, wisdom, and compassion. They seek out the guidance of our executive coaches to gain clarity on their path forward – clarity that enables them to make effective decisions in their organizations, careers, and relationships based on a deeper life philosophy.

Whether you are new to mindfulness and emotional intelligence, or you are seeking to deepen your understanding and application of these practices, we are here to help expand your leadership potential. 

Our coaching is grounded in over two decades of experience working with leaders in a wide range of industries across the globe, including:


"Dr. Home brings a deep, detailed understanding of human relationships and emotional intelligence to his every thought, word, and action. When you want to get to the heart of the matter, he can help you hone your thinking to crystalline clarity...if you have the courage to stay the course."  

Mei Lin Fung, Global Network Outreach


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