Workshop 4
Mindfulness and Organizations:

Transforming Your Company, Community, and Culture

5 Day Intensive Course

This course builds on the first 2 courses and centers on applying mindfulness in leadership and organizational contexts. Here we will explore the integration of mindfulness and Family and Organizational Constellations (FOC). FOC is an innovative and effective approach to understand the underlying order and how the systemic consciousness operates. FOC is a highly effective method at surfacing underlying issues and challenges within family and organizational structures. It can resolve complex problems within human systems at the root cause. Through FOC, people can make their problems visible and emotionally perceivable so they can face up to them.  They can become conscious of the hidden patterns and entanglements, and therefor able to transform the system.

Objectives of the workshop

You will learn to practice and apply Mindfulness with Family and Organizational Constellations (FOC).  This process provides the participants instantaneously and accessible images of the underlying systemic problems. Whether you are an executive or managers, advisors or coaches, FOC process will enable you to develop a broader view on the interpersonal relationships and group dynamics within the system that you work with.  This process of mindful constellation work is social and emotional intelligence in action and practice.  These constellations allow you to clearly look at company, community, and cultural consciences and provide you with the necessary knowledge or information to dissolve or heal repressed and subconscious information stored up the system histories.

Tangible Results Through well-developed exercises you will be able to:

  • Deepening mindfulness of systemic phenomenology
  • Learn how to apply constellations to all types of organizational issues such as:
  • Improving leadership and management
  • Improving team spirit at any level, including interdepartmental cooperation
  • Finding solutions to issues such as high absenteeism, low productivity, or workplace bullying
  • Working through reorganization themes, complex issues during mergers by big and small companies, and removing barriers during acquisitions
  • Making apparent and improving client-product relations and resolving the causes of problematic marketing issues
  • Receiving career planning and advise as an addition to the coaching process

Concepts and exercise to be covered

  • Basic introduction to FOC: 
  • The Tao of Leadership