November 4th-6th

Salon (noun  sa·lon \sə-ˈlän, ˈsa-ˌlän, sa-ˈlōⁿ\) : A gathering of influential people, consisting of leaders in society, art, politics, business, etc. under the roof of an inspiring host, held to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.



This salon is a weekend retreat for MBA professionals to recharge, reflect, and reset with a small group of diverse peers on a beautiful farm in upstate New York.

MBA graduates enter the workforce with ambitious dreams of impactful, fulfilling careers. But over time, the demands of professional life can throw these perspectives out of balance.

Whether it’s been months or years since graduating from business school, alums may face anxieties about their daily realities or unanswered questions about their callings. Others may be ready for next steps, but are uncertain about their direction or overwhelmed by decisions. Some may be satisfied with where they are, but could simply use the rest and rejuvenation from their busy routine.

Salon participants can escape the city bustle for a tranquil, picturesque farm, and engage in deep-rooted conversations over farm-to-table meals, mindful practices, reflective workshops and powerful coaching sessions.



MindKind Institute has over 20 years of experience in coaching students from top MBA programs, including Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and INSEAD, and senior executives from global Fortune 100 companies. We have designed this Farm Salon specifically for the unique challenges and lifestyles of post-MBA professionals. Our hosting team is also comprised of MBA alumni who understand these needs and experiences first hand.



Rest:  Remind your body of its needs and feel nourished by all that nature has to offer. Unplug from the daily grind and breathe deeply –  in meditation, in the woods, in an aromatic kitchen. Soak in a Japanese cedar hot tub, tell stories around campfires, look up at the stars. Turn off technology. Be in the here and now.

Reflect:  Create the space to gain the clarity and self-awareness needed for taking deliberate steps toward a fulfilling life and career. Share perspectives with an intimate group of people who are on diverse paths yet all have the MBA experience in common. Use portions of the weekend for meditation, journaling, prayer, fasting or any other form of deep reflection you regularly practice or would like to explore or learn.

Reset:  Tune back into your inner voice and choose your own direction, with renewed purpose and conviction. Take this rare opportunity to reset your intentions with an authentic sense of self. Return home refreshed, centered and focused.



Over the last 3 years we have welcomed over 500 participants at the farm through various salons and programs, or at times simply to share a farm-to-table meal in a unique setting. Each salon group has been kept small intentionally, so that conversations happen in a relaxed and discreet setting.

All participants agree to arrive Friday evening before dinner (between 6:00 - 7:30pm) and stay until Sunday afternoon (3:00pm), contributing to a protected and cherished experience that can be kept whole from start to finish.



We will practice mindful awareness with all of our senses through work, play, and rest:

  1. Feasting: Sharing in the abundance of nature and nourishing our bodies with simple, organic and locally sourced food.  Through cooking and eating, we move back into harmony with the earth and ourselves.

  2. Shared Chores: “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” We share chores as part of our practice, including meal prep, table setting, and cleanup. No matter how menial the task may seem, practicing mindfulness and focusing on the work at hand effectively takes our mind off of our worries and stresses, and helps us develop a habit of always doing our best.

  3. Dinner Conversations: You will engage in mindful conversation that centers around a common theme that we will explore in this retreat. You will also have a chance to share your story and personal challenges while supporting others in doing the same.

  4. Farm Work: Much of our professional lives are spent in intellectual pursuits. Physical work in nature and the earth can help us reconnect with our bodies and ground us back to our roots.

  5. Spiritual Practice: Sundays mornings are reserved for reflective or spiritual practice (please see Reflect principle above). You are invited to join a non-denominational, open, reflective Celebration of Life ceremony with members of the larger farm community or choose your own practice (ex. nature walk, yoga, or meditation).

  6. Optional Talent Share: An opportunity for participants to offer their talent or gift to the group through a session or workshop.




Evening: Arrive before 7:30 pm to settle in || Opening dinner || Slow down activity for restful sleep  


Morning: Yoga & Guided Meditation || Breakfast || Workshop

Afternoon: Farm Work || Snack || Optional massages || Group Coaching

Evening: Dinner || Freetime: Bonfire/Hot Tub/Talent Shares


Morning: Free Time for Reflective/Spiritual Practice (Yoga & Meditation/Celebration of Life Ceremony)

Mid-Day: Brunch || Reflections || Close at 3pm

Each salon coalesces around a theme. Theme and prep emails will be sent in the weeks prior to the salon weekend.



Sleep surrounded by endless stretches of trees, away from city noise. You will have a simple bed and possibly your own room depending on availability. If you are a couple, you will have your own room. Bathrooms will be shared. Kitchen shared. Chores shared :)

Food, drink, meals will be provided and modified to suit any allergies or strong dietary preferences.



For those personally invited to attend through this page, you are asked to contribute whatever you can. You will have the option to specify the amount you'd like to contribute while registering online.



From New York City, the retreat center is 1hr 30min by train and cab, and 1hr 10min by car. There are multiple trains leaving Grand Central Station between 4pm and 6pm that will arrive between 5:30 and 7:30pm at Brewster Train Station on the Southeast line of the Metro North Railroad. 

The quickest way to find one that works is to use Plot 105 Federal Hill road as your destination and click on the public transport icon. Then click on the options // times link to see your options to arrive before 7:30pm. When you arrive at Brewster Station, take a cab to 105 Federal Hill Rd ($10-12). The ride is 8min.



If you have any questions, please email the host Emina Bajra at



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