"The mindfulness training has helped me see the bigger picture and orient my career accordingly."

- Pete, MBA, Columbia Business School

"Home has an expert and practiced ability to reach into the heart of the present matter.  He combines this with persistence and analysis to make space for both individual, and group creative growth and accomplishment."

- Arthur Grau, Development Manager of Distinguished Events, The American Cancer Society

"Home blends a fearlessness in his willingness to go into uncharted or uncomfortable teratoid with a deep sense of caring and connection.  He serves both the ground and to challenge, broadening and deepening the learning of the group.  I admire the congruence and transparency with which he engages others, motivates, leads, and facilitates.

- Sean Conley, Director of Graduate & Professional Studies, Marlboro College

"Home is an exceptional coach and mentor.  He has the ability to forge tight-knit and trusting teams with virtually any group of people in a short period of time.  He is able to do so through his authentic and warm leadership style."

- Philbert Fan, MBA, Harvard Business School