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Foundations of Mindful Leadership (One Week)

Foundations on Mindful Leadership (One Week Online Program)

Join us for a one-week Foundations of Mindful Leadership online program in which we will cover the fundamentals from MindKind Institute's signature program, Mindful Leadership Mission (MLM).

The Mindful Leadership Mission (MLM) is a mindfulness-based leadership development program that helps cultivate Focus, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Compassion and Personal Effectiveness for professionals across all sectors, including corporate, nonprofit, healthcare, education and legal, among others.

Mindfulness can be an excellent practice to improve self-awareness and leadership ability, while also providing other benefits including increased peace of mind, less emotional reactivity, more satisfaction and greater joy. By cultivating mindful leadership practices, you will not just become a more effective leader and a better team member. You will be a happier one!


Transform the Way You Lead, Live, and Learn

In this Foundations for Mindful Leadership one-week program, you will learn about the many benefits of MindKind Institute's mindfulness-based leadership development work under the guidance of Dr. Home Nguyen and other faculty members.

We will give you a taste of the 29-Day Mindful Leadership Mission (MLM) in one week's time so that you can learn by experience (the best way to learn!) to thoughtfully consider bringing the 29-Day program to your teams, communities and organizations. In addition to learning some practical tools to cultivate your own daily mindfulness practice, you will stand to gain much from this experience if you or your colleagues are:

  • Feeling out of balance, stressed out, or overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to accomplish?
  • Have a difficult time quietening your mind and calming down your body?
  • Having a hard time building quality relationships at work and in life?
  • Interested in enhancing your resilience and ability to navigate life changes?

Why Join

In this Foundations program, you’ll walk away with a range of useful techniques and make a strong start to building your daily mindfulness practice – one that will help you to become more centered, present, and grounded in your day-to-day life.

You will also walk away with an understanding of the full 29-Day MLM experience that you can share with your colleagues and other leaders to start the conversation around bringing this experience for your teams, communities and organizations. 

Who Is it For

Like the 29-Day MLM, this Foundations program is designed for busy leaders who are seeking to not only grow their own personal effectiveness in all areas of life, but also looking to transform their teams, communities and organizations. In this one-week Foundations program, we will carve out time to discuss how the 29-Day MLM can bring many advantages to your teams and help your organizations flourish on the foundation of a shared community that practices mindfulness together. 

How It Works28 Minutes A Day for 8 Days

For the week-long Foundations program, we estimate you will carve out about 28 minutes per day for meditation and reflection, and an extra one hour for the week for readings and group discussion. There are additional opportunities for developing a more rigorous practice and greater learning for those who have the time and volition to go deeper. In general, you will benefit from the training and practice in proportion to your effort.

1. Daily Exercises and Practice

You will gain access to our private online learning platform called "Dream See Do." You will practice daily guided meditations, read articles on contemplative practice, share your reflections, and gain specific insight on how mindfulness can benefit your moment-to-moment experience of work and life.  You will get helpful feedback and insight from your peers, Dr. Home Nguyen, and other facilitators.

2. Weekly Group Calls

You and your group will meet twice via video calls for live discussion with Dr. Home Nguyen and other facilitators. The calls will also mark the start and the end of this introductory experience. In these calls we will review the material and practices, answer questions, express challenges and practice mindfulness together.


3. Group Support & Buddy System

Through group calls and the online platform, you will share insights, progress and personal feedback with one another throughout the week. Additionally, you will be paired with a "buddy" who will hold you accountable for your practice. These components will provide encouragement and accountability between the weekly calls and foster a sense of community and shared progress. You will not be alone in this work!


The participation fee is $99 per person. If your colleagues and/or friends wish to join as a group (5 or more individuals), you can avail 20% off by selecting the Group Price of $79 per person. If joining as a group, indicate names of your fellow participants in the sign up form so we can verify everyone has joined.


We ask that everyone who signs up to participate does so with a strong sense of commitment and willingness to complete the full program (a week goes by quickly!). You will be expected to participate actively, follow through on all assignments, and contribute your unique perspective to the dialogue being fostered in the community. Our curated content and practice guidelines are rich and allow for the participants to experience the benefits almost immediately once you start, so be ready to dive in!


The program will start on Wednesday, May 30 2018 with a Group Call from 6:00 - 7:00 PM Eastern Time. For the rest of the week, participants practice on their own. The program will end on Wednesday, June 6 2018 with a second Group Call from 6:00 - 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

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