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October 21-day Mindfulness Mission

Mindfulness Mission: 21 minutes for 21 days

Do you want to bring more mindfulness and balance into your life, but not sure how to start? Or have you already experienced the benefits of meditation, and want to strengthen your practice?

You are invited to join a private group to take on a three week-long mindfulness training with Dr. Home Nguyen and the MindKind's Faculty.

This program is designed for new and intermediate practitioners who have been introduced to the basics of mindfulness, and want to build a consistent meditation practice.

All it takes is 21 minutes for each of the 21 days to build a sustainable habit of being self-aware.  You will learn about a variety of meditation techniques and how you can weave them into your everyday life – no matter how busy you are.

Who It’s For

This is an introductory meditation class, however people with all levels of experience with meditation are welcome. 

How It Works

The online portion of this meditation mission is hosted by our friends at

  • You’ll receive helpful guidance, instruction, peer support, and accountability to practice meditation over 3 weeks with minimal time commitment.

  • The program takes place entirely online or over phone – we’ll have weekly group calls (60 min) and the rest of the content will be delivered by video, our online learning platform, and some brief readings.

  • Each week you’ll have specific exercises to practice meditation on a daily basis, on your own time and at your convenience.

  • You'll also share and discuss your experience with Home and other students in the group on the online platform.

The program is designed for busy people and time commitment will be minimal: we estimate about 15 minutes per day for meditation and reflection, and an extra hour per week for readings and group discussion.


You’ll walk away with a range of useful mindfulness techniques and a strong start to build a daily practice – one that will help you to reduce stress and anxiety, and to become more centered, present, and grounded in your day-to-day life.


The program will start on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. The main instructional component will run for three weeks, with the last week of the month being optional for additional practice.


At MindKind Institute, we strongly believe in the power and value of mindfulness practices and it is our mission to make it more accessible to people who seek to learn them. As in the Vipassana tradition from which we've received these teachings, we wish to make the practice of meditation freely available to all, regardless of their ability to pay. 

Give it Forward

Each participant who attends a Mission is given this gift by a previous participant. There is no charge for the teaching. All Mindfulness Missions are run on a voluntary donation basis and have sustained for the last three years based on give-it-forward donations made by participants who have experienced benefits from the teaching. The instructors receive no payment, donations or material benefit. They teach purely as a service to others. All they get is the satisfaction of seeing people's happiness.

At the end of four weeks, you are welcome to donate for a future Mission, according to your volition and means. Recommended individual contribution is $95 per person.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Please give what you can, and give more when you can.

We ask that everyone who signs up to participate does so with a strong sense of commitment and willingness to complete the full mission. You will be expected to participate actively, follow through on all assignments, and contribute your unique perspective to the dialogue being fostered in the community.

Sign Up to Participate

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