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Courageous Community Essentials Workshop

Courageous Community Essentials Workshop

Throughout this weekend retreat, you will explore what matters most to you and how your leadership can bring new levels of engagement and connection to the work you do with others in the world.

You will practice stretching yourself and taking risks in a learning community – and in turn, you will explore the layers of untapped potential that rest within any given collection of people. 

It is courageous work to shed the protection of preconceived roles, to be authentic and open. But creating such courageous communities is the very process by which the complexities and limitations of our world can be better understood and new and effective avenues for change can emerge. 

Come join a learning community of leaders who understand the critical importance of creating the kind of interpersonal and group dynamics that allow people to thrive!

Here is what you can expect:

1. Take a strategic time-out to reflect on what matters most for your leadership impact.

You will dive into new levels of personal reflection and connect with others who are committed to having meaningful impact in the world.

2. Reset your vision on creating environments where people thrive instead of just surviving the day/week/problem. 

Given current demands for high paced, complex adaptation, it is no wonder that many people are settling for survival rather than striving to thrive. Come learn how to press the reset button by recharging and reflecting on what matters most.

3. Align your vision with your values, actions and impact

You will learn a useful set of tools aimed to promote wise and timely leadership effectiveness. Increase your potential for impact and learn how to bring these new tools back into your organizations and communities.

“Courageous Community has provided me with the space to reflect on what I care most deeply about and to develop the skills to be more effective at making my vision become a reality.  I left with a better understanding of what it means to bring my full self into my work, to recognize when I’m reacting from a place of fear and shift to respond from a place of possibility, and to how to listen more deeply to my colleagues.”  

The Essentials of creating and leading a Courageous Learning Community:

  • Clarity about what truly matters to you at your core
  • Get out of fear and into your values
  • Walking the talk – making your vision relevant
  • Rigor: producing results that matter
  • Turning conflict into progress
  • Practice the four speech acts: Framing, Illustration, Inquiry and Advocacy.
  • Getting into meaningful relationship with others who want to do the work you care about

Under the assumption that most leadership gets enacted via speech, we focus on immersion in a practice of four speech acts that promote leadership effectiveness:

  1.  Framing: To offer a context or relevance for what you believe matters
  2. Illustration: To paint a picture so that others can see what you see via metaphor, story or example of what you envision or observe
  3. Inquiry: To listen actively, to influence and connect via curiosity about others’ experience
  4. Advocacy: To make a request, assert your opinion or perspective or voice your feelings.

Don’t just survive the leadership journey – thrive and bring your aspirations to reality! The future you imagine is worth the effort.  Come join others who are striving to create a transformed future in their organization or community.

Who Should Attend?

Those who wish to create and sustain a community of people engaged and motivated to act for a better world.  Those who want to explore how their leadership can help create communities where people can thrive. Those who are open to learning.


Apr 22nd - 24th, 2016 (Friday at 3pm through Sunday at 4m)

We also have workshops planned in July and September. If you would like to sign up for either, please register on this page and send an email to with a request to change your registration date. 

Your Host

Heidi Brooks specializes in leadership development for individuals, organizations and communities. She has worked within a variety of industries on leadership development, change management and team effectiveness.  She has been teaching at the Yale School of Management and building courageous community in New Haven, CT since 2003.


The workshop fee is $395. We require a $100 deposit in advance to register. 

Tuition support is offered for those who have been involved with any of the following organizations:

  • The Community Leadership Program in New Haven, CT
  • The Program on Creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations (CEIO) based in New Haven, CT
  • Yale School of Management Interpersonal Dynamics Program Facilitator Community
  • Board or staff members of non-profit, educational or public organizations in New Haven, CT
  • Courageous Community (Yes, we want you to come back to deepen learning for yourself and others)
  • Prime Produce
  • MindKind Institute

If you are involved with any of the above programs or organizations, there will be no additional tuition beyond the deposit of $100.  In other words, tuition is $100 for members of the organizations with whom we have current strategic alliance to build courageous learning communities. 


You will have a bed and possibly your own room.  If you are in a couple, you will have a room together, but will possibly have to connect single beds together.  

Bathrooms will be shared. Kitchen shared. Chores shared.

Food, drink, meals will be provided and modified to suit any allergies or strong dietary preferences. 

Questions about this event?

Please email

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