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Courageous Community Essentials Workshop

  • 105 Federal Hill Road Brewster, NY, 10509 United States (map)

Courageous Community Essentials Workshop         

This workshop is all about immersion learning in the essentials of courageous engagement with what matters.

In a world where many people feel buffeted by the many (often competing) demands of daily life and work, it can be challenging to feel connected to the values and vision that inspire you. Given current demands for high paced, complex adaptation, it is no wonder that many people feel pressure to settle for surviving rather thriving. 

We believe there is a better way to feel productively engaged with what matters most and we invite you to experience a courageous learning community in practice.  It is our intention to bring together individuals driven to pay attention to living and leading from a centered, meaningful core.  

In the belief that the future of leadership relies on collaborative learning, Courageous Community is a pathway to reach your potential as a leader who can create a powerful tomorrow.  We are committed to simple and deep ways to access the wisdom, dynamic capacity, accountability and heart needed for wholehearted living and effective leadership.

What are the essentials of creating and leading a Courageous Learning Community?

  • Clarity about what truly matters to you at your core
  • Get out of fear and into your values
  • Walking the talk – making your vision relevant
  • Rigor + high standards, producing results that matter
  • Turning troublesome conflict into progress
  • Practice the four speech acts: Framing, Illustration, Inquiry and Advocacy.
  • Getting into meaningful relationship with others who want to do the work you care about


Here is what you can expect from this workshop:

  • Cultivate a set of practical skills for greater leadership effectiveness in the moment

  • Have an opportunity to receive feedback on your style and impact

  • Meaningfully connect your moment to moment actions and mindset to the results and impact you wish to create

  • Engage a set of powerful specific skills for personal and interpersonal effectiveness

  • Generate mutual power in courageous relationship with yourself and other

Under the assumption that most leadership gets enacted via speech, we focus on immersion in a practice of four speech acts that promote leadership effectiveness:

  1.  Framing: To offer a context or relevance for what you believe matters
  2. Illustration: To paint a picture so that others can see what you see via metaphor, story or example of what you envision or observe
  3. Inquiry: To listen actively, to influence and connect via curiosity about others’ experience
  4. Advocacy: To make a request, assert your opinion or perspective or voice your feelings.


July  29 - 31. 2016 (Friday at 4pm through Sunday at 1pm)

Your Host

heidi pic.jpg

Heidi Brooks specializes in leadership development for individuals, organizations and communities. She has worked within a variety of industries on leadership development, change management and team effectiveness.  She has been teaching at the Yale School of Management and building courageous community in New Haven, CT since 2003.


This workshop is intended to serve as a stand-alone event and can be experienced a single time with benefit to the participant. Workshop generally begins at 3pm on Day 1 and ends after lunch on Day 3.

This workshop also has an extended format option for those who have attended at least once and wish to deepen their practice and ability to enact the skills and mindset offered in the workshop.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for hungry learners who are interested in exploring the power of more authentic and courageous relationships – both with yourself and others – as essential ingredients in meaningful and effective leadership.

You should be willing to engage in a workshop that relies on experiential adult learning methods rather than lectures.  You will practice the material in real time – so come willing to play, experiment and to have a great time doing it!


The workshop fee is $395. We require a $100 deposit in advance to register. 

Tuition support is offered for those who have been involved with any of the following organizations:

  • The Community Leadership Program in New Haven, CT
  • The Program on Creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations (CEIO) based in New Haven, CT
  • Yale School of Management Interpersonal Dynamics Program Facilitator Community
  • Board or staff members of non-profit, educational or public organizations in New Haven, CT
  • Courageous Community (Yes, we want you to come back to deepen learning for yourself and others)
  • Prime Produce
  • MindKind Institute

If you are involved with any of the above programs or organizations, there will be no additional tuition beyond the deposit of $100.  In other words, tuition is $100 for members of the organizations with whom we have current strategic alliance to build courageous learning communities. 


From the city, the house is 1hr 30min by train and cab, and 1hr 10min by car. There are multiple trains leaving Grand Central Station between 4pm and 6pm that will arrive between 5:30 and 7:30pm at Brewster Train Station.  

The quickest way to find one that works is to use  Plot 105 Federal Hill road as your destination and click on the public transport icon.  Then click on the options // times link to see your options to arrive before 7:30pm.

When you arrive at Brewster Station, take a cab to 105 Federal Hill Rd ($10-12). The ride is 8min.


You will have a bed and possibly your own room.  If you are in a couple, you will have a room together, but will possibly have to connect single beds together.  

Bathrooms will be shared.  Kitchen shared.  Chores shared :)

Food, drink, meals will be provided and modified to suit any allergies or strong dietary preferences. 

Questions about this event?

Please email the organizer at

Register to Attend

Please complete the form below and submit the deposit to reserve your spot. If you are affiliated with one of Courageous Community's partner organizations, please check the appropriate box.

Tuition support is available for a limited number of participants for each organization.

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