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Fourth Wave February Women's Salon

  • MindKind Institute 105 Federal Hill Road Brewster, NY 10509 USA (map)

Fourth Wave Women's Salon

A Salon is an intimate gathering of at least seven women who meet regularly for thought-provoking conversations. Too often, we float along in the mindlessness of our day-to-day grind. The goal of a Salon is to carve out a time and space in our busy lives to stop, reflect, and recalibrate.

Members of each Salon decide the rest - what to talk about, whom to invite, where to meet, etc. Some have been low-key Sunday brunches at someone’s home and others have opted for more formal affairs. Topics also vary; previous discussions ranged from "Vulnerability" to“What is Self-Respect” to “Gender Expectations in the Workplace” to “Power Dynamics” to “Failure.” 

The only foundational rules are that Salons meet regularly and always in person. This allows members to share personal stories and foster deeper friendships over time. Embarking into the foreign is always much easier to do with familiar faces; a successful Salon creates a safe, tight-knit community to explore intimidating questions and radical ideas. 

About Fourth Wave

In the blink of an eye we can pass an entire lifetime without genuinely asking ourselves, or each other, the questions of what to care about and why. We don't take our deeper opinions and even deeper questions seriously, because we rarely get a chance to reflect on them to be able to recalibrate our lives accordingly.

Fourth Wave is a community and a means to strengthen and expand the conversations we need to be having. Conversations on our experiences, on our society; conversations that ask "why?"; conversations that explore new possibilities; conversations of consensus and of difference; and conversations of support. 

Put simply, Fourth Wave is women talking to women to explore - directly and indirectly - life’s two most important questions (What is a life worth living? How do I actually live that life?) and, in the process, befriend wonderful people.

Why Women? 

In searching and leading a life worth living, women today face a unique set of external and internal obstacles. Salons provide a community for women to jointly explore how to identify and navigate these realities in their individual lives. Salons aim to raise consciousness and awareness of the forces acting upon us - both on a larger, blanket social scale and on an individual level - because only then can we free ourselves from those forces and pursue a life without those limitations. We hope that Salon participants will then be better equipped to become thoughtful leaders in their respective fields, thereby pushing back on some of these obstacles on the larger scale.

Join the Next Salon

Our salons are carefully designed as occasions for intentional and intimate experience. If you would like to participate, please click below to pay the deposit and tell us a bit about yourself.

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