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Lead by Purpose :: Dinner + Workshop

Lead by Purpose :: A Dinner + Workshop for Leaders in Transitions

Today’s world is characterized by unprecedented connectedness and unbounded possibility – we can create anything we want if we have the vision and courage to realize it.

But when the world is a canvas, how do we decide what we want to paint? How do we know what is best for us in this abundance of choice and possibility?

Now more than ever, we need a strong and clear “Why” to guide our choices. By connecting with our purpose, we can overcome fear and realize the potential of the times we live in to to realize our greatest capacity as leaders.

In collaboration with Jerri Chou, founder of The FEAST, this series of peer-based, leadership-focused events is designed to help you step into your most powerful self as a leader driving positive change in the world.

Together with peers and cross-generational mentors, we will explore questions like:

What breaks our hearts? What inspires us?  What brings us alive? 
How do we overcome the fear that keeping us from making the difficult choices with greater confidence?
How do we access our inner power in order to wisely navigate the volatile world?
How do we create opportunity in the chaos and take courageous and wise actions?

Through experiential sessions, artful facilitation, and mindfulness practice, you will tap into your unique strengths as a leader and expand your ability to bring them out in the service of your greater purpose.

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