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Courageous Community Essentials Workshop

Courageous Community Essentials Workshop

A workshop focused on simple tools for timely and effective leadership                      

Are you a leader of a community – whether in the form of an organization, neighborhood, or professional association? 

Are you challenged by escalating complexity, and the need to adapt to changing conditions and priorities?

If so, we invite you to the Courageous Community workshop.

We believe that thriving in this demanding context requires commitment to a guiding set of values, a developmental perspective and the individual and collective capacity for recovering from failure with resilience and renewed engagement in work.

We offer a set of skills, perspectives and mindsets that can support individual and collective thriving in the face of challenges.

A courageous community is dynamic in its response to an ever-changing environment, reflective about its actions, and steadfast in adherence to learning practices and values that support impact that matters.  

A courageous community relies more centrally on mutual power than on unilateral power.

It’s a group, community, organization or system that tells the truth, reaches high, produces results and creates conditions where all members can thrive.


Is it possible to create a community full of open hearted, purposeful and effective actions that support both the organizational aims and a culture that works?  We believe that the answer lies in learning and practicing to create and recreate courageous community. 

This workshop is all about immersion learning in the essentials of courageous engagement with what matters. 



What you can expect from this workshop:

  • Cultivate a set of practical skills for greater leadership effectiveness in the moment

  • Have an opportunity to receive feedback on your style and impact

  • Meaningfully connect your moment to moment actions and mindset to the results and impact you wish to create

  • Engage a set of powerful specific skills for personal and interpersonal effectiveness

  • Generate mutual power in courageous relationship with yourself and other


Your Host

Heidi Brooks specializes in leadership development for individuals, organizations and communities. She has worked within a variety of industries on leadership development, change management and team effectiveness.  She has been teaching at the Yale School of Management and building courageous community in New Haven, CT since 2003.



This workshop is intended to serve as a stand-alone event and can be experienced a single time with benefit to the participant. Workshop generally begins at 3pm on Day 1 and ends after lunch on Day 3.

This workshop also has an extended format option for those who have attended at least once and wish to deepen their practice and ability to enact the skills and mindset offered in the workshop.


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for hungry learners who are interested in exploring the power of more authentic and courageous relationships – both with yourself and others – as essential ingredients in meaningful and effective leadership.

You should be willing to engage in a workshop that relies on experiential adult learning methods rather than lectures.  You will practice the material in real time – so come willing to play, experiment and to have a great time doing it!



Day 1

Arrive by 2:45pm to settle in

3pm Welcome and Introductions

First workshop segment: What matters at core


2nd Workshop Segment: Inquiry

Small group practice of core essentials: Inquiry

Day 2

Segment 3: Framing your greatest developmental challenge


Reflection Break

Segment 4: Illustration: Communicating your vision


Segment 5: Advocating for what you really want to see in the world

Day 3

Putting it all together

Closing brunch



From the city, the house is 1hr 30min by train and cab, and 1hr 10min by car. There are multiple trains leaving Grand Central Station between 4pm and 6pm that will arrive between 5:30 and 7:30pm at Brewster Train Station.  

The quickest way to find one that works is to use  Plot 105 Federal Hill road as your destination and click on the public transport icon.  Then click on the options // times link to see your options to arrive before 7:30pm.

When you arrive at Brewster Station, take a cab to 105 Federal Hill Rd ($10-12). The ride is 8min.



You will have a bed and possibly your own room.  If you are in a couple, you will have a room together, but will possibly have to connect single beds together.  

Bathrooms will be shared.  Kitchen shared.  Chores shared :)

Food, drink, meals will be provided and modified to suit any allergies or strong dietary preferences. 



The workshop fee is $500. We require a $100 deposit to register. 


Questions about this event?

Please email the organizer at

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