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Prime Produce Salon October 30th

  • MindKind Institute 105 Federal Hill Rd Brewster, NY, 10509 United States (map)

Farm Salon Fellowships                                      

Farm Salons Fellowships are awarded and accepted by friends, family members, collaborators, and referred strangers who want to share moments of curiosity and reflection in order to gain a reinvigorated or new perspective on their work, ideas, world view. Each weekend fellowship coalesces around a theme. Past themes have included play, movement, music, partnership, humor, and rest. A theme and prep emails will be sent in the weeks prior to the fellowship weekend. 


Over 200 fellows have taken part in a farm salon and each group is kept small so that conversations happen in a relaxed and discrete setting. First time fellows reserve one of 10 slots by paying a $50 deposit (deposits are returned to participants, but are non-refundable if you don't show up).

Returning fellows may reserve up to 2 slots with advanced notice. All fellows agree to arrive Friday evening and depart on Sunday afternoon to contribute to a protected and cherished experience that can be kept whole from start to finish.


Radical Curiosity :: Ask questions. Ask beautiful questions. Ask care-full questions. Take nothing for granted. 

Radical Hospitality :: We host each other through cultivating not only a hospitality of place, but also a hospitality of mind, and a hospitality of heart.

Remembrance :: Remember your deep past. Reflect on assumptions that have hardened into world views. Remind your body of its needs.


arrive before 8pm to settle in and help prep dinner :: dinner 

meditation :: brunch :: farm work :: fellowship share :: dinner

spiritual practice :: brunch :: cleanup :: end @ 3pm


Four main rituals ground the weekend. The first is feasting :) The second is a shared activity or farm work - something to get our blood pumping! The time of year influences how each weekend fellowship group contributes its energy and time to maintaining a hospitable environment. The third and fourth are described below.

Fellowship Share
Everyone who attends a weekend salon brings so many talents and experiences with them. In the past, we have depended on 1:1 interactions to transmit stories. The fellowship share provides 3 hours of structured tea time for people to present their projects to the group (5-10min presentations) and take questions on them. This time will take place after our farm chore and before dinner.

Spiritual Practice
The Celebration of Life ceremony or Christian services have been optional for past weekend fellowship attendees. These practices will remain optional experiences. However, by attending a salon as a weekend fellow, a guest agrees to use Sunday morning as a time for fasting, meditation, journaling, or ANY OTHER form of deep reflection // spiritual practice that they regularly exercise or would like to explore.


From the city, the house is 1hr 30min by train and cab, and 1hr 10min by car. There are multiple trains leaving Grand Central Station between 4pm and 6pm that will arrive between 5:30 and 7:30pm at Brewster Train Station.  

The quickest way to find one that works is to use  Plot 105 Federal Hill road as your destination and click on the public transport icon.  Then click on the options // times link to see your options to arrive before 7:30pm.

When you arrive at Brewster Station, take a cab to 105 Federal Hill Rd ($10-12). The ride is 8min.


You will have a bed and possibly your own room.  If you are in a couple, you will have your own room, but will possibly have to connect single beds together.  

Bathrooms will be shared.  Kitchen shared.  Chores shared :)

Food, drink, meals will be provided and modified to suit any allergies or strong dietary preferences. 


Fellows will be asked to make a donation reflecting what you feel is fair, and can contribute, so we may provide the same opportunities to future guests.  This is how the weekends have self-sustained for the last 2 years.  

If you would like some guidance, the suggested individual contribution for the full Friday-Sunday weekend is $70 - $100 person. The $50 to reserve your fellowship slot may be put toward this donation. Please pay what you can. And, if you can give more, please do.

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