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Mark Power

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Mark is a partner in Life Positioning in Shenzhen, China and North America, as well as principal of his coaching business, Mark Power Coaching. He serves as adjunct faculty at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business where he teaches MBA students the value of mindful awareness in business leadership.

For Mark, integrity is a product of alignment of beliefs, actions and relationships. This integrity is exemplified in his 35 year marriage with 2 adult daughters and approximately 30 years in service roles. Twenty of those years Mark served as a chaplain in hospice and palliative care. As a chaplain, Mark developed skills and sensitivities that allowed him to effectively support individuals and families of diverse traditions and beliefs. These abilities now empower his work as a coach who is able to navigate the uncertain waters of change with steadiness and an open heart. Known for using poetry and encouraging creativity in his work, Mark’s aspiration is to assist others to bring their lives into alignment with their essential values, so as to awaken lasting satisfaction and joy.


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