Our Programs

We’ve developed a unique approach to help leaders bring Mindful Leadership principles, tools and practices into their systems. We focus on helping leaders develop their influence through various applied methodologies such as power versus force, Maps of Consciousness , verbal and non-verbal communication, Immunity to Change , 1 2 and levels of competence.

We start by working to understanding leadership pain points in terms of relationships to self, others and system; including exploring personality types and interpersonal dynamics, emotional triggers, and self-care. MindKind’s Mindful Leadership Development is unique in the fields of both Mindfulness and Leadership Development, in that it includes components that support disciplined reflection on purpose and meaning though leadership team coaching, individual executive coaching and systems-level leadership training.


leadership team coaching

Leadership Team Coaching focuses on the power of bearing witness and being witnessed as a developmental tool that allows the leader to experience not only their own potential to change, but experience the depth of transformation that comes from learning with a group of peers.

online programs

These cohort-based practicums are designed to teach scientific, theoretical and experiential aspects of Mindfulness, and how these connect with leadership principles. Participants learn about a variety of Mindfulness techniques and how they can weave these techniques into everyday life, no matter how busy they are. The goal is to establish participants in a regular Mindfulness practice, unlock the power of group work, and build a mindset of daily reflection.

executive and 1-1 coaching

Executive Coaching focuses on developing self-aware, emotionally-intelligent, compassionate leaders who lead their teams and organizations with a strong sense of personal power and resilience. Since all change starts within, the MindKind faculty offer frameworks for self exploration and reflection to develop aptitudes, resources, ways of being and states of mind that allow leaders to become influential, strategic, and transformational in how they live and how they lead others.

workshops and retreats

These hands-on, interactive workshops address the science and technique of Mindfulness practice with a focus on everyday application. They include individual and group interactive exercises that demonstrate and bring to life the principles and practices of Mindful Leadership in an educational setting