A Certification Program for Leaders, Coaches, and Facilitators

Certification Program Overview

Mindfulness For Thrive Ability (MTA): Is a Certification program for leaders, coaches and facilitators of transformations who would like to develop their professional and personal resume while significantly strengthening their leadership power and presence. 

The role of mindfulness and contemplative practices in healthcare, education, therapeutic processes, leadership and organizational development is fast expanding along with the scientific and scholarly research supporting its importance. As a result, leaders with mindfulness skills and experience are increasingly sought after.

This MTA Certification is designed not only to deepen your mindfulness practice but to help you stand out as an exceptional leader, coach and facilitator.  

Program Objectives

Through this in-depth program, you will acquire competencies in mindsets and skill sets, frameworks and techniques, and the ability to incorporate mindful awareness into all levels of your life: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. 

You will gain the skills, confidence, and mastery to become healthier, stronger, and more powerful in your life. Additionally, you will be able to coach and facilitate learning experiences for others.  You will become a more influential and effective leader, coach, and facilitator, contributing to a healthy, vibrant and successful family, organization, and society.

Tangible results from this program:

  • Cultivate a resiliant mindfulness practice and incorporate it into your personal and professional life

  • Master skills for coaching and facilitating mindfulness practices with members of your family and organizations

  • Learn how to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing focus, creativity, compassion, and joy.

  • Develop healthy eating, sleeping, mindful working habits

  • Manage difficult relationships and conflicts at home and at work more effectively

  • Communicate with more clarity, purpose, and effectiveness

  • Establish a life-long network of competent and compassionate practitioners to support your growth.

Who is this program for?

This program is for healthcare professionals, educators, trainers, facilitators, HR managers, business executives, and entrepreneurs.  It is for people who not only want to improve themselves, but also to coach, lead, and facilitate learning for others with a strong mindfulness foundation. While we open this course to as wide an audience as possible, there are a number of prerequisites for eligible certificate candidates.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Social Science, Education, MBA, JD or similar degree
  • At least 2 years of professional leadership experience
  • One full year of a regular mindfulness practice or mind-body practice such as yoga or qiqong (confirmed by honor system)
  • Have experienced a personal coaching engagement (with MKI or other accredited coach) or some kind of teaching and facilitating experience
  • Have read at least two of the books in our "recommended reading" list 
  • Attend one 10 day Vipassana retreat or an equivalent retreat- including MKI’s 10 Day Mindfulness Intensive in Bali (This is strongly suggested but not required) 

Why MindKind? our course and process is unique and...  

  • EXPERIENTIAL AND IMMERSIVE: Integrates method that is supported by academic, clinical and neurosciences based evidence
  • BEST PRACTICES: Employs proven techniques from mindfulness-based coaching, teaching and facilitation practitioners
  • HIGHEST QUALIFIED TEACHERS: Is informed by 30+ years of executive coaching experience using mindfulness as a foundation tool including researchers and teachers at leading universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Yale, INSEAD Business School, and University of Massachusetts.  Our faculty team is composed of founders Dr. Home Nguyen, Ed.D, and Leng Lim, M.Div MBA, and other teachers who bring 30 plus years of deep practice and research work at highly regarded institutions.
  • HOLISTIC AND COMPREHENSIVE:  Cultivating both mindset and skillsets that can transform the quality of life, relationships, and business practices.
  • QUALITY CERTIFICATION:  certified participants will find immediate and tangible benefits from their applied practice instead of relying on faith of hearsay or theoretical research

Basic Course Structure

The certification process will require roughly 150 hours of training with MKI facilitators and programming. There are two main components of the program.

  • 4 Intensive In-Person Workshops
  • Online and Individual work (done between workshops)


The Foundation of Mindfulness: Thriving from Within

This introductory workshop focuses mainly on the Intra-Personal aspect of Mindfulness. This will focus on understanding what mindfulness is and more importantly how to practice and live mindfulness from moment to moment. Developing a meaningful personal practice and experience is imperative for all later steps.
Concepts and exercise to be covered are listed below.. 

  • Why Mindfulness
  • Concentration and letting go
  • Internal weather checking
  • Basic breath observation
  • Power postures practice
  • Formal vs. Informal
  • Everyday mindfulness: communicating, eating, walking, communication,
  • Develop healthy sleeping and rest.
  • The art of inquiry and beginners mind
  • Working with the “monkey mind”
  • Mindful coaching practice

Before tension and stress wreaks havoc on your body and mind, learn how to keep calm and save yourself from stress.  This foundation workshop draws on the new science research and experiential exercises to give you a practical “toolkit” to use in your daily lives to not only reduce stress, improve clarity of thought, but also gain confidence in how you make decision and lead your life more effectively and productively.


COURSE 2 Mindfulness and Yourself: Healing your relationship with Money, Sex, and Power


Mindfulness and Relationships: Positively Influencing Your Family, Clients and Colleagues


Mindfulness and Organizations: Transforming Your Company, Community and Culture

Certification Process


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