to Cultivate Mental Clarity, Physical Resilience, and Compassion

28 Minutes A Day for 28 Days

A Program for the Anaheim Union School District. 2017 through 2018 Academic Year


Are you feeling out of balance, stressed out, and overwhelmed by the amount of work you have?

Do you have a difficult time quieting your mind and calming down your body?

Are you feeling anxious and having a hard time focusing on the task at hand?

Many school leaders and teachers are facing overwhelming demands, complex relationships, and uncertain work environments. Often running on empty and feeling tired, anxious, overworked and stressed, many school leaders admit to having difficulty getting through the day without feeling distracted and frustrated with their work, even though they are passionate about the mission they serve. They know they can do better but feel unsure of the path forward.

Mindfulness will improve your mental and emotional health while optimizing your leadership presence.

You have heard about Mindfulness as articles abound in the media, from trade magazines to worldwide periodicals like TimeNewsweek, and the New York Times. How can you begin to develop your own personal mindfulness practice or bring it into your school?

MindKind Institute has created a program specifically tailored to address the stresses of the professional world with our MINDFULNESS & WORK-LIFE HARMONY FOR SCHOOL LEADERS course. This course can be taken remotely and is held via an online platform and through live video conferences with our team of experts and experienced facilitators.

While mindfulness can an excellent practice to improve self-awareness and leadership ability, other benefits include increased peace of mind, less emotional reactivity, more compassion and joy in your work and life. By cultivating mindfulness, you will not just become a better leader and educator. You will be a happier one!  

“I like this course because of the flexibility, the consistent structure of a daily reading, meditation, reflection, and the support of a team. I can go at my own pace. The video conference call on webcam was great because I can stay in my own place and still connect in real time with others. Brilliant!”
Max L., Atlanta, GA

In this course you will:

  • Learn the basics of mindfulness meditation, the science, theory and practice
  • Begin to integrate and harmonize different aspects of your life, both at home and at school
  • Identify the source of stress and release it through breath and body awareness
  • Reduce emotional reactivity and increase a sense of compassion and understanding for your students
  • Develop a more effective communication style with co-workers, students, friends and family 
“It was a very rigorous meditation course for me. I learned useful skills in this program. It provided me with a wonderful community to practice mindfulness together. They encouraged and helped me understand how to practice better.” Anne K., New York City, NY

What will you be doing in this course?

The program is designed for busy professionals. We estimate about 20-30 minutes per day for meditation and reflection, and an extra hour per week for readings and group discussion. However there are also opportunities for more rigorous practice and learning for those who have the time and volition to go deeper. In general, you will benefit from the training and practice in proportion to your effort. Our hope though is that everyone will walk away with a range of useful mindfulness techniques and a strong start to building a daily practice – one that will help you to continue your growth after the course ends.

How it works:

1. Daily Exercises and Practice

You will gain access to our private online learning platform. You will practice daily guided meditations, read articles on contemplative practice, share your reflections, and gain specific insight on how mindfulness can benefit your moment-to-moment experience of work and life.  You will get helpful feedback and insight from your peers and expert mindfulness instructors.

2. Weekly Group Calls

You and your group will meet via group video calls for live coaching with our faculty members Dr. Home Nguyen and other MindKind Associates. In these calls we will review the material and practices, answer questions, express challenges and practice meditation together.

3. Group Support & Buddy System

Through our group calls and the online platform, you will share insights, progress and personal feedback with one another throughout the weeks. You will also be assigned a "team" of course participants who will hold you accountable for the work. These components will provide encouragement and accountability between the weekly calls and foster a sense of community and shared progress. You are not alone in this work!

“The consistent reminders to practice and the support and reflections from community members. The group calls were also very inspiring and kept me on track. “ Joseph F., Washington DC

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