A 21 Day Mindfulness Training Program for Legal Practitioners

to Develop Mental Clarity and Physical Resiliency

Next Course Begins in June 2017


Are you feeling out of balance, stressed out, and overwhelmed by the amount of work?

Do you have a difficult time quieting your mind and calming down your body?

Are you feeling anxious and having a hard time to focus on the task at hands?

Mindfulness will improve your mental and emotional health while optimize your legal practice.

Mindfulness, you have read about it in ABA Journal and seen it splashed across the front pages of Time and Newsweek magazines.  However, like most legal professionals, you are too busy to attend an eight-week class.

Seeing a need, MindKind Institute has created a program specifically tailored to address the stresses of the legal profession.  It delivered on a schedule lawyers can manage. Our Mindful Legal Practice course is held entirely online via online platform and video-conference with our team of experienced mindfulness teachers.

With looming deadlines, high stakes deals, and exhaustive hours, it is no surprise that lawyers experience thoughts of depression, anxiety and suicide at a higher rate than most Americans.[1] Thankfully mindfulness is clinically proven to reduce these symptoms of chronic stress.

While mindfulness is an excellent tool for stress reduction, other benefits include increased attention span, increased memory capacity and recall speed, and less emotional reactivity.

“I like this course because of the flexibility, the consistent structure of a daily reading, meditation, reflection, and the support of a team. I can go at my own pace. The video conference call on webcam was great because I can stay in my own place and still connect in real time with others. Brilliant!”
Max L., Atlanta, GA

Through our Mindful Legal Practice course you will learn:

  • The basics of mindfulness meditation, the science, theory and practice
  • To integrate and harmonize different aspects of your life
  • To identify the source of stress and release it through breath and body awareness
  • To reduce emotional reactivity and increase more space for creativity
  • To communicate more effectively with clients and fellow attorneys
“It was a very rigorous meditation course for me. I learned useful skills in this program. It provided me with a wonderful community to practice mindfulness together. They encouraged and helped me understand how to practice better.” Anne K., New York City, NY

Why participate in this program?

You’ll walk away with a range of useful mindfulness techniques and a strong start to build a daily practice – one that will help you to become more centered, present, and grounded in your day-to-day life.  The program is designed for busy professionals.  We estimate about 15 minutes per day for meditation and reflection, and an extra hour per week for readings and group discussion.

How it works:

1. Daily Exercises and Practice

You will gain access to our private online learning platform. You will complete daily assigned exercises and readings that incorporate mindfulness practices, daily reflective exercises, and other helpful techniques.  You will get helpful feedback and insights with your peers and expert mindfulness instructors.

2. Weekly Group Calls

You and your group will meet via group video calls for live coaching with our faculty members Dr. Home Nguyen and the MindKind Team. In these calls we will review the material and practices, answer questions, express challenges and practice what we learn together.

3. Group Support & Buddy System

Through our group calls and the online platform, you will share insights, progress and personal feedback with one another throughout the week. You will also be assigned a course "buddy" whom you will conduct private calls with and who will hold you accountable for the work. These components will provide encouragement and accountability between the weekly calls and foster a sense of community and shared progress. You are not alone in this work!

“The consistent reminders to practice and the support and reflections form community members. The group calls were also very inspiring and kept me on track. “ Joseph F., Washington DC