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Our gift to you to get you started

We are not only committed to your transformation, but also nurturing you to be self-sustaining, self-renewing and a self learner. We’ve included free educational and experiential resources to get you started on our methodology and support your cultivation of a thriving life from the inside out.

The resources included walk you through the fundamentals of our approach: MindKindness, which is based on living and leading from a state and perspective of Mindful Awareness and Kindness. MindKindness gives leaders, teams and organizations the ability to fundamentally shift from a reactive to a responsive state of being. MindKindness elevates a leader’s capacity to embrace change, lead more effectively and responsibly, inspire and motivate others, and create stronger, more resilient organizations.


No. 1

Mindkindness overview

Begin here. Get to know the research, methodology and mindset behind MindKindness. Then, practice.

no. 2

mindkindness for the self

For cultivating the MindKindness practice in every day living, from when we are in a state of calm or stress.

no. 3

mindkindness for the workplace

Taking theory, practice and applying it in the workplace. Learn the techniques you can use to build a thriving workplace.